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I'm a freelance internet marketer & web developer. I have been playing in this business more than 7 years. I love to build online websites and increase sales of a business day by day through PPC, SEO & some other marketing method. I'm in addiction of learning new skills everyday & I spend a lot time on it. I specialized in PPC, SEO, HTML, CSS, Javascript, WordPress & Shopify. I also know Basic PHP/MySQL, Photoshop etc. My hobby to travel and wish I will travel all over the World one day.

Company: Interactive Design & Solution, LLC
Position: SEO Consultant and WordPress expert

Duty: This was an awesome journey with Interactive design & solution, LLC as a Front end Web Developer & SEO Consultant. My duty was converting psd to HTML/CSS, Weebly website design & WordPress website design & SEO Consultation with On Page SEO.


Company: Frango Brazil
Position: PPC Manager and SEO Consultant

Duty: I have been working with this company as a PPC manager and SEO consultant from February 2018 & still going on. Mostly used Google ads for search and display network.


Company: Premium Beef
Position: PPC Manager

Duty: I have been working with this company as a PPC manager and SEO consultant from August 2018 & still going on. My duty here to boost business with paid campaign through Google ads.


*** As a freelance marketer, I have been working with a lot personal projects as well.

Company: Freedom Online Services, UK
Position: Junior Web Developer

Duty: As a freelance web developer, I have been working with Freedom Online Services, UK from last two years. I have been doing here WordPress Development tasks & setup every project from scratch like WordPress setup, Git Setup, dev site to live site transfer etc.

Company: Black Door Creative
Position: WordPress Developer

Duty: Black Door Creative hired me for their WordPress development projects & I have been serving quality services. I have done a lot of WordPress projects with this company as a freelance web developer.

My vision is to provide high quality marketing & web development task to all of my clients with 100% satisfaction. They are my good friend as always I think.

My mission to build a good marketing community with marketers and clients as well. And teach freely marketing method through websites. This would be great for the community. This is my long term plan.

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I'm Khalid Hossen, Professional Internet marketer & web developer who could bring your business into the game of WWW. This is my personal site & blog.