What I Do?

I generally do Internet marketing & E commerce, small business web development

My main prospect of works is internet marketing and web development, ecommerce web development, management. PPC(pay per click), SEO & other marketing consultancy. Web design, development, online store development, store management etc. You can knock me anytime and I’m here to provide best services for you.

Web Development Services

I have been working with WordPress  & web development more than 4 years. My skills in web development are.

  • WordPress web development
  • WooCommerce Store Development
  • Shopify Store Development
  • Website using HTML/CSS/PHP/MySQL etc.

PPC Services

PPC is my another services and 2 years experience with PPC. I love to build businesses.

  • Keywords research & Audience Research
  • Setup Campaign & budget with target.
  • Advertisement Optimization
  • Increase ROI day by day

SEO Services

SEO is a good marketing choice for long term business with a limited budget. I love to do it for small businesses.

  • Keywords Research for SEO
  • On Page Optimization
  • Off Page Optimization/Basic Linkbuilding
  • Guest posting and other great linkbuilding method

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I'm Khalid Hossen, Professional Internet marketer & web developer who could bring your business into the game of WWW. This is my personal site & blog.